Do not Overlook the Value of a DMC

Too often we hear businesses tell us that they will be arranging their own event details this year. While we try to explain why that it is not in their best interest, they do not always come around. But eventually they do. That is because the know-how, industry relationships, and efficiency just isn’t there. It doesn’t take long for that to become painfully evident, and our clients always return, relieved to have their travel and meeting arrangements handled by professionals.

Group Travel is Our Expertise

We’ve been coordinating and managing corporate events, meetings, and custom trips for 15 years. Through that time, we’ve honed our skills, know-how, destination knowledge, and instincts. These include our ability to negotiate and lock down discounted rates; identify local activities within each destination; book groups for flights, charters, and cruises; manage staff and vendors; navigate security, health, and monetary requirements; and much more.

We Know Where Savings are Hiding

Over the years, we’ve also learned how to obtain the greatest value for our clients’ trips. Not a single vendor is going to disclose every available discount. It takes years of experience to know what prices are attainable through negotiation. Hotel contracts are usually fair, but we can spot language that exposes our clients to hidden fees and liabilities. Attrition and cancellation policies, force majeure clauses, and hotel performance clauses are just a few of the pitfalls that we look out for.

We Have Connections

Oftentimes, every moving part of a group event does not fit perfectly together. Priorities change, weather is unpredictable, and human error will occur—particularly when the coordinators are inexperienced. When this happens, we rely on the strength of our connections in the hospitality and travel industries to circumvent any gross fines while fixing the problem at hand. It’s an approach to problem-solving that in-house HR professionals simply can’t match.

We will Save You Time

Some companies take a myopic approach to the cost-benefit analysis of hiring a destination management company. They might only consider the dollar figures, while they ignore what strategies, relationships, and resources are additionally required to manage a successful event. Often, companies don’t consider their employees’ core competencies: Rather than learning how to coordinate an event on the fly, what skills could these employees be using that they already possess?

As your company ventures into 2013, surely saving money and getting the most out of your employees are top priorities. While it might be tempting to apply a do-it-yourself strategy to event planning and corporate travel, we suggest you take a closer look at the hidden costs of striking out on your own. In the end, an experienced event planning and destination management company will save you time and money while creating unforgettable experiences.