Tradeshow Planning

Exhibiting at tradeshows, expos, conventions, fairs and other exhibitions provides a company with a unique sales opportunity that can also bolster the company’s brand and help it generate new leads, find suppliers, and check out the competition. In short, a company can achieve at one tradeshow what it would take weeks or months to do otherwise. From an economic standpoint, partaking at a tradeshow may even save a company money. According to the Center for Exhibit Industry Research, it costs 62% less to close a lead generated from a tradeshow than one originated in the field.

But to successfully accomplish all of the above, a company must plan carefully. Tradeshow planning requires unique expertise and knowhow in choosing the correct show, setting clear objectives, creating an effective exhibition, and promoting its presence. All this, before the company even gets to the show! That is where GMS DMC comes in the picture. As a multifaceted event planning company, GMS DMC specializes, among others, in tradeshow planning. We not only assist our clients to prepare for a tradeshow, but we also guide them in every step of the way. Specifically, we help our clients with the following objectives: choosing the right show, setting clear objectives, creating the right exhibit with a lasting impact, effectively and aggressively promoting its presence, and finally planning an impactful follow-up strategy.

Specifically, GMS DMC helps its tradeshow clients with:
– Flexible tradeshow transportation solutions;
– Staging and marshalling procedures; and
– Professional tradeshow staffing