Incentive Travel is Good for Business, Play, and Life

It is a fact that people connect with experiences on a much deeper level than they do with material items or cash. But why is this true?

First, we relish the mystery of what a week in a new environment has in store for us. Then, as adventures unfold, we learn about different cultures, our travel companions, and ourselves. And the memories never leave us—they only fuel the desire to set off once more.

This desire is natural, and it can be profoundly motivational.

An exciting incentive trip also continues to pay dividends well after the trip is over. As people share new experiences with their colleagues, they strengthen important relationships, improve their teamwork, and live more fulfilling lives.


An incentive travel program can have a number of benefits for your company:

• Drive sales

• Boost morale

• Increase productivity

• Improve teamwork

• Retain happy employees

Given those benefits, incentive travel generates far more new revenue than the cost of the event. Incentive travel is motivational for employees, profitable for organizations, and fun for everyone!

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