Our Four Favorite Tours in Quebec City

Few of our clients have ever been to Quebec City, which is surprising, given its thriving culture, natural beauty, and rich history (Founded in 1608, it is the oldest city in North America, where the French first settled on this continent). For those who need an introduction to the capital of the Province of Québec, we recommend embarking on at least one guided tour.


Here’s a list of our four favorite tours in Quebec City:

The City Tour

This casual introductory tour of Old Québec helps newcomers get their bearings in the historic heart of French Canada. The city’s old-world atmosphere is lined with narrow streets, steep hills, and a number of historical treasures on the banks of the St. Lawrence River.


  • Old Québec

  • Place-Royale

  • Plains of Abraham

  • Place d’Armes

  • Chateau Frontenac

  • Ramparts of Québec City

The Carriage Tour

For those who prefer to take in the sights while sitting back in a horse-drawn carriage, this tour is for you. This traditional means of transportation is the perfect way to get lost in the history of Québec City.


  • Parliament Hill

  • Fontaine de Tourny

  • Armoury

  • Parc des Champs de Bataille

  • Jardin Jeanne d’Arc

  • Martelo towers

  • The Sacrifice Cross

The Québec River Cruise

Gliding along the St. Lawrence River is the best way to take in both the architectural and natural beauty of Cap Diamant, the cape that forms Québec City.


  • Orléans Island

  • Montmorency Falls

  • Cap Diamant

  • Château Frontenac

  • Île d’Orléans Bridge

The Shopping Tour

Whether looking for a souvenir, a gift, or just some new clothes, this tour is for you. It all takes place at Les Galeries de la Capitale, a 1,500,000 sq-ft shopping mall with 280 stores and 35 restaurants. It goes without saying that there’s something for everyone, including an indoor amusement park with a rollercoaster and skating rink for the kids.


  • Mega-Parc

  • 280 stores

  • 35 restaurants

Winter in Québec

And for the hardy, there is always Québec’s famed winter festival. Celebrate winter in one of the coldest cities in North America with all the trimmings of bash to be remembered all the way through next spring!